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spark selling academy reviews

As my company launches a new offering, we found ourselves stuck for email copy. We knew we had to stand out & create curiosity to get hands raised.

We didn't want someone to just hand us the fish, but teach us how to fish. Thanks to the Spark principles we know our nets will be filled on a consistent basis.

Brynne Tillman

CEO, Social Sales Link

spark selling academy reviews

"Before practicing your method, I spent a lot of time trying to guess what the other person is thinking. Ultimately that's an unproductive game. But now I'm getting faster and clearer responses from prospects. Brief, blunt and basic works."

Neil Baker M.D.

Founder, Neil Baker Consulting and Coaching

spark selling academy reviews

“I'm experiencing better response from potential clients since adjusting my sales copywriting technique -- based on your sales copywriting tips. Prospecting is getting easier and more enjoyable as a result!”

Cecilia Locati

Fraud Prevention Director, Fraud Fence

spark selling academy reviews

"I was concerned about learning something new from Jeff... or if the messages philosophies may be too 'American' for my Israeli market/business culture. 

However, the change in my response rate is 60-70% better. I'm generating more meetings -- by not asking for them in the initial email. This sparks curiosity in my prospects. I'm also having more success with prospects who disappeared after showing initial interest. Using your method I'm earning more attention, response and conversations for my clients. It's actually becoming enjoyable to write brief, blunt and basic messages. All thanks to your sales copywriting course, Jeff."

Netta Doran

Online PR, Netta Doran

spark selling academy reviews

"You offer sales copywriting tips, insights and experience I don't see coming from anyone else. I've followed others, but I'm sticking with you over the years.

Investing in your service is valuable because you help me fortify my own. You give good ideas about how to provoke curiosity. You also give contrarian views about how to sell more by selling less.  I especially like your focus on what's working now.  Unlike other sales copywriters, you told me to keep changing what you in cold outreach... because buyers stop responding to 'tricks' they've seen overused. It's a constantly shifting game of cat and mouse."

David Vranicar

CEO, Redwell B2B

Information Technology

spark selling academy reviews

"My new method doubled my qualified meetings. I'm getting more response from prospects thanks to not asking for meetings in the first touch email. Sometimes I'm getting more information back ... about where the buyer is in the consideration process ... than I would in a meeting. Even when the reply shows latent need for our solution it helps me prioritize the follow-up."

Mike Shine

Sales Engineer, BA Insight

spark selling academy reviews

"You transformed how I communicate. Not only to customers; other people in my organization. I need to get as close to the top of the C-suite as I can. The tools you  gave me achieve an 80% reply rate to emails that I send to customers seeking participation in our program. So, whether you are in sales, service or marketing, your process is one that is highly effective and successful. Thanks Jeff."

David Vey

Dynamics 365 Customer Success Manager, Microsoft

spark selling academy reviews

"Today, my team is enjoying prospecting. It’s not seen as a chore anymore. They are much more productive thanks to your communication method. They’re receiving higher email open rates and more (and better quality) responses from buyers—in just a few days."

Massod Zarrabian

CEO, BA Insight

spark selling academy reviews

"My follow-up response rate went from 20% to 80%. You gave me a simple way to get response from prospects... to move them toward closing faster."

Brad Freels

Sales Director, BA Insight

spark selling academy reviews

I’ve doubled my response rate thanks to your coaching. It’s around 80% now. I’m still adjusting to talk less about us and more about the customer… especially focusing on what their competitors are doing with us. This is a bit more conversational and less salesy. I never ask for a meeting straight away and this is also helping.

Lucy Merrick 

Business Development Representative , Modulr

spark selling academy reviews

It's a shift in mindset -- from trying to give information about my product to building curiosity and provoking conversation. Part of our platform includes psychometric testing but instead of trying to explain the 500 data points etc, I used it as bait to provoke questions. Also, removing the call to action put the ball in their court. Within the first 2 days, a company with revenues of $15bn volunteered to have a meeting with me. I suggested a "short email exchange" if they had the time, but also acknowledged they had a choice, no pushy tactics. This caused them to suggest a meeting.

James Pinhorn

New Business Manager , Talent Alpha

spark selling academy reviews

We have tried, and seen first hand, how your counter-intuitive curiosity provoking assertion works. It really, really works. The curiosity-inducing slightly odd first-contact email, with just the right amount of material to cause the reader to pause for a second...gets results. It's a very tricky balance, an 'unstable DNA' (hard to copy and paste) since it highly depends on industry and current events, but it does work.

Fabien Tiburce

CEO, Bindy

Staffing & Recruiting

spark selling academy reviews

"I used your method from an article from 2016 'The Most Effective Webinar Follow-up Email' on a webinar follow-up yesterday and WOW, that worked. I have never got such quick feedback (less than one hour)...I also found your article about prospect going cold very useful and used that 'did you give up?' tactic today. I have chased them on phone and email for months. Today I got a response. I am very impressed."

Linda Simonsen

CEO, Work.Life.Leader

spark selling academy reviews

"Your method for building meaningful relationships is pure gold. After embracing your sales copywriting tips, I'm seeing a greater numbers of prospects engaging in a conversation. The methods you teach result in better-qualified prospects as the focus becomes engaging with people with a need I have taken time to understand. As a marketer, you have helped me break out of unproductive habits and has set me on a path that is much more successful."

Glenn Moore

VP Marketing, Technosoft Corporation

spark selling academy reviews

I sent out a campaign with your latest recommendations and I was able to schedule 2 meetings and close 2 deals. No cold calling, only email! So thank you!

Eduardo Alarcon

CEO, Larcons Recruitment & Consulting

spark selling academy reviews

"At first, I wasn’t convinced I would get more value from the paid material than I was getting from your free material. I also thought 'who are these guys and are they legitimate?' You talk about how things change… what is effective at starting conversations for a while eventually stops working. I say to myself, 'They do, but not that fast. Therefore, if I can learn all I can from the free materials, I don’t need to invest.'

I followed for about a year, then began to see that things did change, and could change fast. But I hesitated because I still didn’t see the value. The value really changed when I attended my first workshop and saw the long boring emails change right before my eyes into short, snappy, focused, hard-hitting emails.

Today my team is better at prospecting because they are believing in the idea of provocation. One team member is seeing a 30-40% lift in response rates. I'm glad to continue investing in your sales copywriting course and membership."

Skip Freeman

Sr. Recruiter, BASIS


spark selling academy reviews

"Jeff, you give me and my team confidence... the ability to know what other sellers are doing, how they are changing and improving results. Your course and membership is giving us a 360-degree view of effective sales communication practices, across multiple industries."

Brian Berlin

Director of Sales, Augusoft

spark selling academy reviews

"Our previous reply rate from inbound leads was 4.59%. Now, it's averaging 35%. That's a 700% increase, and we haven't peaked yet. Soon we’re implementing phone calls and voicemails to go higher. My goal is 80% open and 50% plus reply rates. I'm confident we're going to do it. It all started with your fresh, new tactics, Jeff. Thanks." 

Adam Breitenstein

Ecommerce Sales, ReCart

spark selling academy reviews

"I gave your method a try, and my open rate jumped to 21% in less than 24 hours. I even took a meeting request for the next week. Most importantly, I'm receiving meaningful responses from decision-makers more often and my messages are being opened more than once (ranging from 2-29 times)."

Kari Scott

Marketing Development Rep, DocuSign

spark selling academy reviews

"After I met you, I took your advice to heart and got to work. Within a few days I received more responses to emails and even set an appointment. Combining your psychology with my strengths was fun. Thanks, Jeff."

Samantha Coombs

Company Director, Procuri Ltd.

spark selling academy reviews

The techniques you taught me became a key part of the longest and most complex sales campaign I've ever run. Got the attention, found the pain and built relationships. Before I started practicing Spark I was blindly firing manual emails, hoping for hits -- with limited success. But when I combined curiosity-sparking tactics with my new email automation tool I started getting more meetings -- in less time.

Alex Price

Global Media Sales Director, Snowflake

Professional Services

spark selling academy reviews

"You have had a serious impact on how I communicate, not only to customers, but also to other people within my own organization. Your weekly coaching on how to write the most effective emails as well as how to position yourself with top prospects still helps me today. I'm no longer in a sales position, but in a Customer Success role (Post Sales). I need to get as close to the top of the C-suite as I can on a regular basis, and the tools that you gave me in the approach to effectively and intelligently write an email that will get a high response rate has helped me tremendously. I have about an 80% reply rate to the emails that I send to customers to seek their participation in our program."

Thomas Clifford

B2B Copywriter, Thomas Clifford

spark selling academy reviews

"Jeff,  we decided to bring email copywriting know-how in-house with our investment in Communications Edge's guidance. You took time to understand our organisation and gave rules to apply -- both in emails and other areas of marketing collateral. The results have been incredible. Our CEO started securing meetings after the first emails were sent out. We continue to see positive results using a scaleable, yet personal, approach. Our investment is paying off and the time saving has been huge. Plus, we now possess the internal skills to speak to potential customers words they relate and respond to!"

Emma Carré

Marketing Specialist, Proto Partners

spark selling academy reviews

"Thank you for your subject line suggestion during the workshop last week. I have been using the same subject line for a while now and seeing about 10% open rates. But since the workshop I've changed the subject to your suggestion and my open rate shot up to 75% and I’m earning replies. Clearly this is working. I had a phone call with a CEO that responded. It was an excellent conversation and we are going to talk again in November. At end of the call he spontaneously said ‘I never answer emails like this. I get hundreds. I responded because your email was warm, not a typical sales pitch... made me want to answer.’ I was stunned he just volunteered that. Your coaching has made a huge difference. Thank you!"

Jayne Burch

Chief Growth Strategist, Marketing Monsoon, LLC

spark selling academy reviews

"I would not have invested if I didn't trust Jeff... trust that the teachings were actually fresh and new. I’m excited to move forward and work more in-depth with Jeff and my team. We're up for the challenge... instead of taking the easy route and templating things... using tactics everybody has been doing for ages. It's critical to take time and think about a better approach because that's the only way you're going to get through to customers."

Justin Cromer

Director of Sales, Event Management Solutions Group

spark selling academy reviews

"I sent two emails this morning---to two prospects who went radio silent on me. BOTH wrote back in about 20 minutes. I mentioned this tactic to my partner. He sent a message to another prospect. Struck gold. 20 minutes later he had a response too."

Jim Edholm

President, BBI Benefits

spark selling academy reviews

"I sent the message you suggested to 176 senior managers in the Fortune 500. 83 opened it (47%) ... We completely booked-up our time at an important trade show with appointments—even started working a deal before the show. Thanks for the help, Jeff."

Michael Lake

SVP, Marketing & Bus. Development , Evergreen Trading

spark selling academy reviews

"I’ve hired a lot of consultants. You guys were the first to quickly grasp my business and target buyer. Then you suggested communication tactics that work—and strengthen my style. That's why I'm continuing to work with you. I'm finding new ways to start and re-start conversations with senior Fortune 500 call center executives."

Nick Jiwa

CEO, CustomerServ

spark selling academy reviews

"My customers receive 300+ emails per day. So all messages that don't strike them immediately as 'must deal with today' are erased or archived. Your principles of triggering curiosity and letting the prospect control the speed in which the conversation progresses works. I apply in my cold call scripts and also in warm calls and when I close."

Amit Ben-Raphael

Founder, CSO Projement Ltd.

spark selling academy reviews

The idea of provoking thought… that got me thinking more and had a major influence on how I have approached email outreach. Previously, my strategy was always to lay the facts on the line. ‘This is what we do. We're credible. Is this something you want? Do you have some time? Done.’ 

And that worked for me when calling. But over time I’m open to ideas without abandoning my core. And that's what you did for me. This idea about provoking got me to experiment with language, questions and different opening/closing statements.

I never, ever thought I'd do cold email in my lifetime, but I did it. It was phenomenally successful and I’ve borrowed heavily from your philosophy.

Scott Channell

Owner, ScottChannell.com

spark selling academy reviews

My team is more confident, productive. Our response rate is around 80% allowing us to disqualify faster. Pipeline forecasting is more accurate.

Most impressive: Now, our prospects ask for more conversation -- rather than seeing us as pushing education at them.

Jeff Castle

Business Development Executive, Ambipar Response

spark selling academy reviews

"Jeff, I would not have invested if I had not been convinced you were not a charlatan. I have tried a few other sales training platforms and have been very disappointed, even from relatively well-known people. The quality of the content at Bronze Academy level helped me decide. Your techniques made me think "huh, I've never thought about it that way and it makes sense" which provoked me to want to know more.
The price and the promise of "cancel whenever you want" made me feel comfortable in taking the leap. Again, been burned badly by some other so-called experts and would have unlikely committed to a full-year membership, for example, from the get-go.

The principles I learned at the academy are definitely working! I'm the sole BD person in a small Scottish consultancy and, as such, had no one to learn from when I got tasked to take over our cold approaches after our SDR left. My outreaches went from maybe a 25% response rate to something like 80%. Mind you, not all of those are positive, but the point is that I am getting engagement from C-Suite execs who my managers had been targeting for years to no avail. I can also confirm that the method works across cultures (with some adjustments) as 75% of my prospects are non-native English speakers from across Europe and Latin America (it works in Spanish as well!). I have found, for example, that the Europeans like to always use DEAR such and such, and that in Germany it's very important to use a person's professional title. Anyway, thought I'd let you know that you're doing some great work."

Pablo Levi

International Programs Development Manager, Juran Benchmarking

spark selling academy reviews

"Many of our messages have converted prospects who previously said 'no thanks' to 'let's talk.' Your method is essential to improving response rates for outbound campaigns."

Mark Buzan

CEO, Our Executive Director

spark selling academy reviews

Your tactics multiplied our response rate by 5 to 8 times. Your candor was appreciated -- telling me the weak spots in my message. It all made sense. Pushing versus pulling. I have built a lot of our business using this one cold email, and follow-up tactic. I’m coming back to strengthen my 2nd and 3rd emails now.

Scott Ruprecht

Founder, Giveback XP

spark selling academy reviews

I’m calling on physician offices, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities--physicians, social workers, referral coordinators. Reps are walking into these places all day long with goofy smiles, free pens, and glossy handouts about new drugs and widgets. They can spot us a mile away and often you can literally see the receptionist rolling her eyes as we approach the window. 

It feels... bizarre. Breaking habits that I’ve held for so long (“Good morning, My name is blah blah..."). Definitely more time efficient to send terse curiosity-evoking communication instead of breathless prose about my company. Still a work in progress. But I’m more confident with cold email outreach with your approach rather than the boilerplate 'this is what my company does' email that I used to send.

Jess Cathey

Account Executive, Kindred at Home

spark selling academy reviews

Focusing on fewer words and sparking curiosity is creating better outcomes for me -- and not only in the email setting.

Scott Echols

Business Development Director, RSW/US

spark selling academy reviews

I didn't agree with everything you said, but the insights presented and collaboration reinvigorated a somewhat frustrated sales staff. You caused us to think differently about how we communicate.

Carrie Shoemaker

Business Development & Recruitment Director, RSW/US

Financial Services

spark selling academy reviews

"Jeff,  This is an important year for me -- breaking into the US market. You have been instrumental in helping me make contact with clients. I'm starting more conversations with CIOs, CTOs and large asset portfolio managers thanks to your sensible, effective method. I am applying your advice on how to spark curiosity and start conversations with large investment management prospects. Thanks."

Vivek Singh Jamwal

Head of US Market, Investment Research

spark selling academy reviews

Provoking Curiosity is spot on. That's what got me following Jeff Molander and led me to working with you guys. 

I was convinced there was a better way... and wanted to improve. 

I was ready.

Bryan Trugman

Certified Financial Planner ®, Attitude Financial Advisors

spark selling academy reviews

"When reading an email I drafted prior to Communications Edge - I liken it to placing a dull spoon on my eye and increasing the pressure as I read it from start to finish."

Clinton Nickas

Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

spark selling academy reviews

"When it came time to decide which program to invest in I hesitated. There are many sales training programs online. Yours stood out because you aren’t just some blogger providing templates. You are providing understandable roadmaps to success – based on what's currently working.

I tested one of your follow-up methods and it worked immediately. I have never been effectively coached on how to spark interest or provoke response. So when I came across your website, I was instantly triggered. I thought to myself: 'That’s what I’ve been missing this whole time and they make it seem so attainable!'"

Laura Goldberg

Broker, Real Estate Hostility Group, Alliant Insurance Services

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